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Blog > How do two flooring types transition?

How do two flooring types transition?

Sunday, March 6, 2022, 5:57 PM

When you choose new floors, you'll see two rooms connected during installation. But how does one transition into the other?
The short answer is "transition strips." These materials bring two-floor coverings together with ease.

Rooms have to connect somehow

As flooring transitions from one room to another, transitions are a necessary element. But without transition strips, there would be a gap that traps dirt and looks less than perfect.

The strips are in place as much to protect as they look good. But you'll also want to know which types of transitions you need.

Transitioning is a necessary process

Our flooring company can help transition between two floors of the same type or height. These situations need a different strip than those with a height difference between the two floors.

Some strips come as a 4-in-1 option, which caters to any flooring connection. Special considerations come with connecting a plush carpet with hard surface flooring.

Transitions are changeable

If you have an existing transition, we can change it to fit your new flooring options. They aren't permanent; we can change them whenever you change the flooring.

The best transitions protect against gaps between rooms and guard against falling on your new floors. In addition, you can choose products that match your decor needs and more.

Once the transitions are in place

Once a transition is in place, it will last for years. Ask your flooring specialist about caring for and replacing them.

Quality transitions can last for years. If you have further questions about your materials, speak with us while you're here.

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