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Luxury Vinyl in Builder Wholesale Finishers in the Mid-Michigan area

Luxury Vinyl

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Luxury vinyl flooring is cutting edge

Abraham Lincoln once said that he did not think much of a man who was not wiser today than he was yesterday. We wonder whether he ever considered applying that idea to his flooring because we have. Vinyl floors have been around with us for a long time as durable, waterproof floors. But we thought we could do better. The result is luxury vinyl and we think you will be impressed.

Durability built-in

Luxury vinyl has been constructed out of thicker layers than its traditional cousin. Thus, it is more resistant to wear and tear and it has a heavy wear layer built into the product. They resist damage from dragging and scuffing and if a scratch is made in this material, the design extends through the top layer of the material. This means that most small scrapes and scratches will simply blend into the pattern of the whole.

Waterproof flooring

With vinyl flooring, you get a waterproof floor material. This means that water and moisture do not harm the floor. They do not stain, fade, warp, swell, or lose their structural integrity if even large amounts of water are present. This makes them ideal floors for kitchens and bathrooms, but also excellent floors for the whole house.

Planks and tiles

There are two basic models in luxury vinyl. Planks are made to simulate the appearance of hardwood flooring, even down to the texture and patterns of grain. You can find them imitating a wide variety of wood types, grains, colors, and board widths and fix together in such a way that even some mixing and matching looks quite attractive. In contrast, tiles are meant to imitate ceramic and porcelain tile as well as brick and slate, complete with grout lines. The floors are as beautiful as they are strong and in many cases, a casual observer will never know the difference.

Your vinyl plank and tile installation experts

As with all flooring types, we offer expert, professional installation. Our installers will provide you with complete installation and will answer any questions you might have during the process. They will also install any trim molding that is necessary to give you a clean, finished floor.

We, at Builders Wholesale Finishes, are your retailer for LVF in Morrice, MI. We also service the areas of Morrice, MI, Lansing, MI, Jackson, MI, Howell, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, and Ann Arbor, MI. If you are considering vinyl flooring, give us a call or stop by our showroom; one of our sales representatives will walk you through all of your many luxury vinyl flooring options. We know you will be pleased with what you see.

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