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Large selection of tile flooring

Tile flooring stands the test of time

Sometimes, in small towns, there is a little bit of distrust for things that don't originate nearby. It's not that we are backward or anything; we just take pride in making sure that things work as well as they claim they work. When it comes to tiles, though, we have no reservations. These are great floors even though they weren't invented anywhere nearby.

Old Egypt and China; modern Morrice

The first ceramic was invented in ancient Egypt and porcelain was invented in ancient China. Back in those ancient times, they had figured out how to pulverize clay and then fuse the powder in a very hot kiln. That's pretty cool. What's cooler is that these tile types, forged from clay, make a really hard and durable floor that will last well past your or my lifetime. Most real estate agents will tell you that an investment in such a floor will raise the overall value of your home.

A hard, waterproof surface

Often one of the greatest appeals of ceramic and porcelain tile is their resistance to water. They are simply not going to be affected by either small or large amounts of liquid. This makes them an excellent option for both kitchens and bathrooms as well as entranceways where water is often an issue. They are also suitable to be used on walls, to create a very classy look in a shower or bath area. They are a superb option for countertops as well and make good backsplashes for food preparation areas.

A classy look everywhere

Tile floors do not need to be constrained to areas where moisture is an issue. They also work well in hallways and formal living rooms. Most lines also have smaller, decorative border pieces. These can be used on the outer edges of a room or they can be inset to create a very classy look within an area of your home. You can even opt to stagger rows or lay them at a 45-degree angle to the walls, giving a very distinct look to your living area.

Give our tile installation professionals a call

Proper installation can make or break your new tile floors. Specifically, subfloors need to be either installed or otherwise prepared so that the ceramic or porcelain will have a stable bed in which to sit. This will reduce vibrations and optimize the lifespan of your floor. Once the subfloor is in place, the floor is laid and finally grouted and the job is trimmed out with molding to complete the look.

We, at Builders Wholesale Finishes, are your retailer for tile floors in Morrice, MI. We also service the surrounding areas of Morrice, MI, Lansing, MI, Jackson, MI, Howell, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, and Ann Arbor, MI. Give us a call or stop by our showroom; one of our knowledgeable sales associates will be happy to show you all that you can do with your tile flooring project.

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